The original installation exhibited in spring 2018
The original installation exhibited in spring 2018


This film was originally part of a video and sound installation by Julian Reichl and Florian Josephowitz.

The intention of this project were the elementary parts of life and its countless variety of emotions.

Completely mixed in 5.1 surround.

Nominated for the "Bloom Award by Warsteiner" 2018.


Sound Director: Julian Reichl

Video Director: Florian Josephowitz


Director of Photography: Florian Josephowitz

Video Editor: Florian Josephowitz

Sound Editor: Julian Reichl

Sound Effects: Julian Reichl

Camera: Florian Josephowitz

Second Camera: Steffen Mornhinweg, Nils Mornhinweg

Sound Mixing: Julian Reichl

Colorist: Florian Josephowitz

Produced by: Florian Josephowitz, Julian Reichl, Nils Mornhinweg, Steffen Mornhinweg


Special Thanks to:

Nils & Steffen Mornhinweg

Denise Großkinsky

Leonhard Weiss

Timo Mönich

Jann Josephowitz

The Band "Mixed Generations"

Tim Scheidel

Moritz Bleich